Webinar: The GEF CSO Network Evaluation


Networks operate in dynamic, complex and open environments in which changing responsibility flows from and around autonomous members. Since the establishment of Agenda 21, the increase in number and influence on sustainable development of civil society organization (CSO) networks worldwide has allowed for their formation and capacity building to be the subject of greater scrutiny.

On November 16, 2016 the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) of the GEF held a webinar to present the results of the recently completed Evaluation of the GEF-CSO Network. The webinar, held in English and Spanish, discussed the extent to which the Network met its strategic objectives and how features of the Network are contributing to its functioning. The webinar also presented the mix of network evaluation methods and tools used in the study.



  • CSO Network 2016 Presentation for Webinar CSO Network 2016 ( ): English3 MB, Spanish2.49 MB

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Evaluation of the GEF-Civil Society Organization (CSO) Network 2016

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