Evaluation of GEF's strategy and portfolio in water security

Ensuring an adequate supply of clean water for people, livelihoods and ecosystems while also protecting against water-related shocks and stresses are the key components that make up water security. In the GEF, water security is woven into several focal areas, from transboundary water resource management in international waters to protecting against drought in land degradation and limiting water pollution in chemicals and waste. However, the GEF does not have an overarching, cross-cutting strategy for water security. This evaluation will assess the GEF's strategy and interventions that address water security across all its focal areas including its relevance to country and beneficiary needs, effectiveness in achieving global environmental benefits and water security co-benefits, and the sustainability of such outcomes after project completion. It will use a variety of methods, including a portfolio review of hundreds of GEF projects that address water security, several country and regional case studies and a comparison with good and innovative practices in improving water security gleaned from international leaders in the field. The evaluation will cover GEF strategy and interventions beginning in 2006 through 2021.

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