Overall Performance Study (OPS8)

This approach paper outlines a roadmap for the preparation of OPS8, aiming to define the range and scope of inputs into the study and to facilitate constructive dialogue within the GEF and among its partner agencies around the evaluation. OPS8 will particularly focus on two interconnected themes: (1) the GEF strategy, institutional issues, and programming; and (2) GEF performance, impact, and sustainability, drawing on evaluations conducted by the IEO, and evidence collected by the evaluation units within the GEF Agencies. OPS8 is designed to evaluate the outcomes and insights derived from OPS7, monitor the progress achieved on OPS7 recommendations, and assess the advancement in implementing the GEF-8 Strategy and Programming Directions. OPS8 will encapsulate its primary findings and main conclusions, present an assessment of the overall competitive advantage of the GEF within the contemporary environmental and economic context, and develop strategic recommendations for consideration by the replenishment group.