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Happy Earth Day!

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Earth Day serves all of us as an annual reminder of the critical need for action to protect and preserve our environment. And you are here because you clearly care about the future! And you are here because you clearly believe that evaluation has a role to play. Yes, as evaluators, we have the privilege and the duty to assess the effectiveness of various environmental initiatives, to review progress against the various goals that countries and organizations commit to, and to provide insights that can drive meaningful change.

Evaluating Projects and Programs in Fragile, Conflict-Affected, and Violent Contexts

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  • Ella Stack, Research Associate, Environmental Law Institute
  • Amanda Woomer, Senior Consultant on Nature & Environment, Oxford Policy Management
  • Carl Bruch, Senior Attorney; Director, International Programs
  • Shaadee Ahmadnia, Environmental Specialist Consultant…

How Can Science Inform Evaluation?

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co-author Katy O’Grady

The current environmental situation “requires us to apply transformational thinking to preserve the life support system of our planet,” said Rosina Bierbaum, plenary speaker and moderator of the conference’s session on how science can inform evaluation. Affiliated with of the University of Michigan and University of Maryland, she is chair of the GEF Science and Technology Advisory Panel. Joining Rosina were Gregory Nemet, professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, La Follette School of Public Affairs; Nik Sekhran, chief conservation officer…

Integrating Environmental and Socioeconomic Domains for Sustainability

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The world is facing a triple environmental crisis of climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem loss, and pollution. Inequality between and within countries is on the rise. While many formerly developing countries now have moved to the middle-income category, many others have fallen into fragility and vulnerability. Tensions and wars proliferate: the number of armed conflicts around the world is now at their highest level in three decades. The current refugee crisis is a hot political issue all over the world.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) recognize the equal importance…

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