Evaluation Networks and Communities of Practice

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In this dynamic and collaborative session, we will convene leaders from pivotal evaluation organizations, alongside managers, facilitators, and users engaged in key evaluation networks, communities of practice, and resource platforms. The overarching objective is to delve into an insightful discussion regarding the diverse roles and functions of these networks.

As part of the proceedings, the GEF IEO commissioned a mapping exercise of these networks. This exercise examined their individual goals, functions, value added, potential areas of overlap, and, crucially, opportunities for fruitful collaboration. The findings from this mapping exercise will be concisely presented to all participants.

Following this presentation, the session will transition into facilitated group discussions. These discussions aim to provide a valuable space for participants to reflect on the presented insights, share innovative ideas, and exchange experiences within specific topic areas. The aim is to foster a rich dialogue that encompasses the wealth of perspectives from leaders, managers, facilitators, and users, creating a collaborative atmosphere.

The overarching conversation will evolve from establishing a collective understanding of the current state of environmental and evaluation communities of practice. Through thoughtful deliberations, the focus will shift towards formulating concrete next steps for fostering collaboration and optimizing the use of the limited human and financial resources available to these networks. This session, therefore, serves as a platform for collective strategizing and envisioning a path forward that maximizes the impact and effectiveness of evaluation networks in the realms of environment and related practices.


Dennis Bours
Dennis Bours
GEF Independent Evaluation Office (IEO)

Dennis consults with and advises the WBG, IFC, IEG and GEF IEO. He holds a Master Technology and Society, International Knowledge Transfer and Technology Policy, and a second Master in Supply Chain Management, Climate Risk Management. Prior to working for the multilateral institutions in Washington DC, Dennis worked from Bangkok on climate resilience-focused evaluation communities of practice and knowledge management in Asia for PACT and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Juan Jose Portillo
Juan Jose Portillo
GEF Independent Evaluation Office (IEO)
Senior Operations Officer

Juan joined the GEF in 2002. He holds a Masters in Business Administration from Universidad Del Zulia in Venezuela and a Masters in Public Policy from American University in the United States.

Prior to joining the GEF, Juan worked at the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Resource Management Advisory Services and at the Organization of American States in the Inter American Committee on Ports.

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