Forestry, Land-use Management, and Biodiversity

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Achieving forestry, land-use management, and biodiversity conservation goals are pivotal to achieving the global environmental goals tied to sustainable development. This conference session will delve into the critical importance of evaluation and evaluation methodologies in assessing the effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of interventions in these interconnected domains. Attendees will embark on a multidisciplinary exploration, uncovering innovative approaches, best practices, and emerging trends in evaluating forestry practices, natural resource and land-use management strategies, and biodiversity conservation efforts. Through engaging presentations, interactive discussions, and case studies from around the world, participants will gain insights into how evaluation can support best practice intervention design, inform evidence-based decision-making, and drive change in pursuit of global environmental objectives.


Anupam Anand
Anupam Anand
GEF Independent Evaluation Office (IEO)
Senior Evaluation Officer

Anupam Anand, Senior Evaluation Officer at the GEF IEO, has more than 15 years of combined experience in evaluation, international development, and academia. He uses a blend of innovative mixed-method approaches and tools such as satellite data, GIS, machine learning, computational social science, UAVs, and field-based methods to enhance evaluative evidence and knowledge products. Anupam has led evaluations on biodiversity, SFM and REDD+, land degradation, fragility and conflict, and illegal wildlife trade. Previously, as a Remote Sensing Scientist at the University of Maryland, he worked on multiple NASA-funded projects, including field campaigns for future satellite missions. He also consulted for the Climate Investment Funds, World Bank.

Anupam has contributed to more than thirty peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on remote sensing, evaluation, and environmental policy. He holds a Ph.D. in Geospatial Science from the University of Maryland and a postgraduate diploma in Environmental Law and Policy.


Jeffrey Hatcher
Jeffrey Hatcher
Managing Director

Jeff heads Indufor’s North America office. He has 18 years of experience leading analytical and field-based projects in natural resource governance, forest sector reform, and land tenure reform for public, private, and philanthropic clients. He is currently a team member on the Midterm Evaluation of the Climate Investment Fund’s Forest Investment Program. His evaluation work has recently included the independent evaluations of CLUA’s NICFI-funded portfolio, the NYDF Progress Assessment Partnership and Global Platform, and the mid-term reviews for Forest Finance Coalition, CDP, the Nature Conservancy, and the National Wildlife Federation. He has led field-based research projects on forest governance and land tenure in Central and East Africa. He also leads Indufor’s portfolio in North America, which featured multi-year engagement in the State of Maine’s pulp and paper economy transition to a diversified forest-based bioeconomy. He was formerly Director for Global Programs at the Rights and Resources Group, overseeing Communications and leading analytical projects in tropical forested countries on links between forest governance, land tenure, and REDD+, and convening dialogues on REDD+ policies and standards. He began his career at FAO, supporting natural resource policy reforms in Sudan and South Sudan. He holds an MBA in finance from INSEAD, an MA in Development Studies from the University of Pavia (Italy), and a Bachelor’s in International Relations from the College of William and Mary. He speaks French, Italian, and intermediate Spanish.

Katherine Shea
Katherine Shea
World Resources Institute (WRI)
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager

Katherine Shea is the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager for the Managing for Results team. She was previously the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist for the Forests Team. She supported the Global Forest Watch initiative in monitoring, reporting, evaluation and learning, with the aim of communicating achievements externally and helping WRI and partners learn from our successes and setbacks. Before joining WRI, Katherine worked at the UN World Food Programme (WFP) as a program officer in Ecuador, then as monitoring and evaluation lead in Indonesia. Katherine holds a Master of Public Administration from Cornell University with a concentration in International Development. Outside of work, Katherine enjoys outdoor adventures, from hiking to skiing to scuba diving, depending on where in the world she finds herself.

Prashanth Kotturi
Prashanth Kotturi
Green Climate Fund, Independent Evaluation Unit
Evaluation Specialist

Prashanth is an Evaluation Specialist with more than over 11 years of evaluation and development experience in private sector, government, and UN. Before IEU, Prashanth worked with the Independent Office of Evaluation of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) as an evaluation officer. He has led, co-led and supported numerous corporate evaluations, thematic evaluations, evaluation synthesis, country portfolio evaluations and project evaluations. His evaluation experience includes countries in Middle East and North Africa, East and Southern Africa and Asia and Pacific region. In GCF, he has led evaluations on GCF’s Direct Access Modality and GCF’s Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme and is currently leading the Independent Evaluation of GCF’s Investments in Latin America and Caribbean.

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