Annual Performance Report (APR) 2008

The GEF Fifth Annual Performance Report (APR) 2008, presented and prepared by the GEF Evaluation Office, focuses on completed projects for which terminal evaluations were submitted during fiscal year 2008 (FY 2008). The APR was prepared to provide input to the Fourth Overall Performance Study (OPS4) of the GEF, and as a result much of the discussion is on projects submitted after the Third Overall Performance Study period, i.e. after FY2004. The full report provides an assessment of project outcomes, project sustainability, project completion delays, materialization of cofinancing, and the quality of monitoring in completed projects. The report's main focus is on terminal evaluations from 62 projects submitted in FY2008.

The following conclusions were reached by the evaluation:

  1. 80 per cent of projects reviewed for OPS4 were rated in the satisfactory range - higher than the 75 per cent target. Sustainability of outcomes was rated as moderately likely or above for 58 per cent of projects.
  2. The materialization of cofinancing by GEF Agencies was on average close to that promised at project approval.
  3. Significant improvement in the quality of M&E arrangements.
  4. There is a strong association between quality of M&E arrangements at entry point and during implementation.
  5. Significant improvements made in overall quality of terminal evaluations but more work needed regarding reporting on M&E and financial information.
  6. Progress towards adoption of Council decisions has been slow in cases.

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